Many of our clients love their home but find perhaps it isn’t big enough for their growing family or needs.

what we do

  DSA Building Home Extensions Instead of packing up and buying a new home, an extension is a way to keep the house you love and add more space. You can add in extra room for visitors, or a home office or even a whole new wing. The ideas are endless and with our experience, we can help you choose the right direction for your home. Not only does this improve the quality of life for our clients in their new space, but also raises the value of the home.

After years of working with our clients, many of who have asked us to renovate several of their homes, we can see the bigger pictures and how the flow of the family will shift and change and design and build you an extension that accommodates this for the future.

We want to extend your lifestyle, and a home extension to have more space is often the first step to a bigger, better life.     

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